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Blake King

Blake King

KL: Tell us a little about yourself - where you are from, what is your occupation etc

BK: Originally I’m from Sydney, but I’m currently living at tweed heads on the border of NSW and QLD. I’m a Plant based nutritionist and a PT.

KL: How long have you been vegan?

BK: I’ve been Vegan since late 2015, so 4 plus years now.  

KL: Why did you Decide to become Vegan and did you find the transition difficult or easy? 

BK: I decided to become vegan for health reasons, as I was eating mostly plant based and had noticed such a big improvement in my overall health and well being,  I then started doing my own research and soon realised there is a lot more important things to being vegan then my own health such as the well being of other animals and the planet.  

I do not find being vegan difficult at all in this day and age there are literally options everywhere.

KL: How long have you been training for & have you been vegan that whole time?

BK: I’ve been training on and off since I was a kid so yes, I was training long before I was vegan and ever since.

KL: What are some of the physical differences you felt in your training since turning vegan?

BK: I only notice positive changes, but the main ones are recovery, strength, endurance and stamina. I have seen a huge difference in my digestion as plants are a lot easier and quicker to process than animal products.

KL: Did you notice any mental differences since your transition?

BK: I noticed how much more grounded I felt and connected with myself, to me this was more important than any physical change.

I felt a strong sense of clarity and I feel at peace knowing I am doing the least amount of harm possible.

I also noticed my concentration and sleep improved.

KL: What would a typical day’s diet look like for you?

BK: On a typical day I like to keep it simple but also tasty, I always try to make sure I get a good serving of legumes, wholegrains, nuts & seeds, fruit and veg, and healthy fats.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with plenty of frozen berries and nuts and seeds

Lunch: Raw vegetable salad with legumes and a home-made creamy dressing.

Dinner: Chilli Noodle/Rice or quinoa stir fry with Tofu and veg and some tamari.

Snack: Fruit, nuts & seeds, corn thins with avocado or nut butter, coconut yoghurt.

KL: Do you use supplements, if so which ones?

BK: I Regularly use kindlife vanilla bean protein life blend. On the odd occasion I might do a 6-8 cycle of creatine.

KL: What is your favourite vegan meal?

BK: Can’t go past a BBQ pulled jackfruit pizza with some cashew cheese.

KL: What bit of advice would you give someone looking to turn vegan?

BK: When transitioning you have nothing to worry about, it’s one of the most positive changes we can make in our life not just for our health but the wellbeing of all species and the planet.

Do your own research online or from books, watch documentaries like 'what the health', 'forks over knifes', 'Cowspiracy', 'Dominion', 'Game Changers' and more.

Follow recipe pages and other positive Vegans on Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to people who have already made the transition for advice, you’ll find that most people will be more then happy to help and guide you if needed.

KL: What does the future hold for you?

BK: I would like to continue to further my knowledge and be a good role model and help others make a positive change to a plant-based lifestyle and reap the same benefits that I have.

KL: What is your favourite quote?

BK: If you could live a happy and healthy life without harming others, why wouldn’t you?

KL: How can people get in touch or follow you on your journey? 



Instagram: @Vegan_nutrition_fitness_coach