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Move Over Whey, Hand Me The Vegan Protein Powder

Move Over Whey, Hand Me The Vegan Protein Powder

There are many notable concerns that people tend to have when they are considering switching to a vegan lifestyle. One of the most common ones that people have is that they might be worried about not getting enough of a particular nutrient or other source that they might find in food normally. There are many of these that people fret over, and a common one is protein. There are a lot of good reasons you want to make sure that you have protein in your diet, and clearly you should be careful to include it as best as you can. However, it is not all that hard to include in your diet, and there are some easy vegan ways to make this a reality. Let’s take a look at this in a little more detail.

Protein: What It Does

First up, let’s look at protein itself, in order to better understand why you might be so concerned about having enough of it in your diet. Protein is important as a building block in the body, and most notably it is the main amino acids that your body needs in order to build muscle. That doesn’t just mean building muscle in terms of bodybuilding, but building muscle at all. If you don’t have any protein in your diet at all, your muscles are going to waste away slowly, that’s all there is to it. So clearly, it is important to have protein in your diet. But there is a lot of confusion about how much protein you really need, and that is something that might be worth discussing a little too.

Levels Of Protein

The truth is that protein is a very powerful thing, and even if you are bodybuilding you might be surprised at how little you actually need to take in. How much protein you need is obviously going to depend on a number of personal factors, so it is not something that we can say here for definite, but bear in mind that there are a number of online protein calculators you can use which will take the information you give it and tell you exactly what you need to have in terms of protein intake. It is almost always less than you might think you need, which is something of a lesson in itself for anyone considering veganism but who is unsure about it.

Getting It

So, on to the question of actually getting protein, and how you can make sure that you are getting enough of it. It is actually perfectly straightforward for a vegan to get enough protein, and it is not something that you should worry about too much. There are plenty of natural sources of protein which don’t involve animal products at all. Nuts and seeds are among your best sources, along with many kinds of grains and similar foods too. Clearly, you don’t need to feel as though you are not going to get the protein you need. But if you do want to supplement your protein intake, then there are ways to do so without having to resort to animal products. And that is where the question of protein whey comes in - an issue that many vegans or would-be vegans actually find surprisingly confusing when they are trying to make the right decisions.

Whey: What’s The Deal?

Many people might use whey protein without even realizing that they are consuming an animal product. This confusion arises from the fact that most people don’t really know what whey protein powder is. Put simply, whey is a nutrition supplement used by those who are keen to exercise and build muscle, which is a complete protein. That means that it contains all nine amino acids, the essentials that our body can’t make on its own. That is why it is such a powerful product if you are trying to get fit, and it is easy to see why so many people use it in their workout regimes.

But here’s the thing: whey powder is made from the separation of milk liquids from milk solids. It is essentially a byproduct of milk, which is of course an animal product. As such, it is not something that you can consume if you want to avoid animal products altogether. Fortunately, there is another option, and it is a more ethical choice - which might also be a much healthier one, too.

Vegan Protein Powder

It is, these days, very easy to get hold of vegan protein powder. This has all the benefits of whey protein powder, but it is derived from plants rather than animals, so it is the more ethical and healthier choice. There are many advantages to using vegan protein powder over whey powder, beyond the mere fact of it being the ethical choice. It is also cholesterol-free, which is certainly not something you can say for any milk or dairy products. The lower your cholesterol, the fewer heart problems you are likely to have, so that really is a huge benefit. It is also usually fat-free, or almost always, and the rest of the time it is still very low in fat. And it is easier for the body to make use of too, meaning that your body doesn’t have to work as hard in order to use it effectively.

But it’s also worth remembering that vegan protein powders are, importantly, just as effective, if not more so, at helping you to maintain and build muscle. If you are keen to spend time at the gym building your muscles, you are not going to miss out on anything if you use this product rather than whey.

As you can see, often the vegan alternative is actually the best way forward, and that is certainly the case in this instance. Using vegan protein powder is going to help your fitness regime along, while also ensuring that you are living a much healthier life overall, so it is absolutely the best option to go for.

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