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The Steve Jobs of Protein Flavouring

The Steve Jobs of Protein Flavouring

Designing your own vegan protein powder should be pretty simple right? I mean how hard could it be, throw together some vegan protein with some flavoring and presto you have yourself a product….right? right??

In July 2018 we started what we thought was a simple process in designing a vegan plant based protein powder, some 10 months later on the 24th April 2019 we finally looked at each other and declared ‘this is it’. Finally after countless revisions, a change in sweetener half way thru the whole process, we at long last created something we are very proud of.

Moving from the consumer to the producer was a steep learning curve but one that ultimately lead us to understanding what it takes to make a product from inception to completion. When I first went vegan and started to look for a dairy free protein shake I was always disappointed in the taste and texture of most products on the market, it just didn’t seem possible to make a vegan protein powder taste the same as their dairy counterparts. I gave up on the constant chase for something better and just chugged down a particular brand that didn’t taste all that great but I was confident what was on the label was actually in the bag (another issue I have with this industry!).

I used to look forward to having a protein shake every day as it satisfied my very sweet tooth. I often thought to myself that I couldn’t be the only one (vegan or not) that thinks these shakes taste pretty terrible. Another thing that bothered me was If it tastes this bad how could we convince other people to ditch dairy if the alternative was not going to be just as good or perhaps better?

I guess the above experience is something to be thankful for as it is a big part of the reason why Kind Life was created. From back in July 2018 we made a promise to ourselves to make a product that not only contained the highest quality ingredients but also tasted absolutely delicious at the same time – vegan or not, this was going to be your new protein shake.

No doubt anyone reading this is probably thinking I am a little biased, and perhaps I am. But its why we decided to offer a sample of every flavor in our range, and then give you a store credit for the same amount so when you come back to purchase a bag (and we have no doubt you will!) you are not out of pocket a single cent.

We truly believe that we have made a range of protein powders that will make people scratch their heads and think "is this really Vegan?". It took us almost a year but we are sure the wait was wroth it :)


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