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Why being vegan can be key to a longer and healthier life

Why being vegan can be key to a longer and healthier life

What once was considered an unusual and slightly zany dietary option is fast becoming the norm, and there are more and more people turning vegan than ever before. Many of these people will be ideologically driven, and they might even be vegetarians who have decided to merely go that one step further. But as well as the obvious ethical problems there might be with eating animal products, it is also true that being vegan is proving again and again to be an especially good way to live a long and healthy life. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which being vegan is absolutely key to a longer and healthier life, and why you might want to consider giving it a go yourself.

More Nutritional Value

Despite what you might think, following a vegan diet means not only that you will get many of the same nutrients of a meat-based diet, but perhaps even more. Many studies are cropping up here and there which suggest that eating a plant-based diet provides you with much more of the nutritional value that you need, and that is certainly going to mean a much healthier life overall. Eating a vegan diet provides you with plenty of fibre, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and E. This is all essential to a healthier life, so it is hardly surprising that being vegan might be quite so good for you. If you want to get much more of the nutritional value you need, then you will find that going vegan is going to be a great way to do that.

Protein Power

One of the big concerns that people have when they are considering going vegan is that they worry they are not going to get the protein they need. However, not only can you easily get enough protein to fulfill your needs, whatever they might be for you individually, it is also the case that the protein you tend to get from non-animal sources is actually much easier for the body to digest and use as it is meant to use it. The protein you get from nuts, seeds and other vegan sources is much easier for the body to use properly, and as such you are effectively getting more of the protein that you really need. That is a huge benefit, especially if you are trying to remain somewhat bulky while eating a vegan diet - something which, as it turns out, is actually perfectly possible for you to do if you know what you are doing.

Mood Boosting

A huge part of our health is having a good mental state, and that too is affected massively by what we put into our bodies. Something that many vegans report shortly after giving up meat and other animal products is just how better they feel mentally. If you have ever gone for a short while on a vegan or plant-based diet, you will know this feeling too. It happens very quickly, almost immediately, and the best part is that it sustains too. Being vegan really is good for your mood, which in turn is good for everything. In a number of tests, vegans have scored routinely lower on depression scores than meat-eaters. Whether this is a result of the food itself, or of simply the joy that comes from eating well, either way it works, and it’s a great thing to consider if you are someone who particularly suffers with depression.

Preventing Diseases

One of the major things that food does that we often forget about is that it is helpful in preventing diseases and helping our bodies when we have diseases already. The better a diet you have, the easier your immune system will find it to fight those illnesses off when they rear their heads. Of course, the kind of diet that allows for that is one that is rich in as many nutrients and minerals as possible, and that is - as we have seen - one of the primary hallmarks of a truly vegan diet. If you do decide to go vegan, you will probably find that you simply don’t get ill as often as you used to. That is certainly something that you can be glad for.

Keeping Slim

Being of a healthy weight is not just about looking good, although that might come into it for many people too. It is also about your overall health. Being overweight makes all sorts of problems arise, and makes you considerably more likely to develop a range of serious problems later in life. However, if you manage to keep relatively slim, you are going to have fewer of these issues, and find yourself with a healthier heart and so on to boot. A vegan diet is absolutely going to keep you slim. It is extremely difficult to eat vegan and gain that much weight, and most people find that when they switch to being vegan they immediately lose an enormous amount of excess weight in the first couple of weeks. That is something to be prepared for, certainly, but it’s also something that you are probably going to be quite glad for. If you are already stick-thin, of course, then you might not notice much of a difference, but you will find it easier to maintain your weight.

Better Performance

Exercise is another hugely important part of keeping healthy, and the way you eat is one of the main things that determine how well you can exercise. If you are going to follow a vegan diet, you will find that you have a much better performance when you are exercising too, so you are essentially improving your health from both of these angles at once. That is certainly something to be glad for, and a real major selling point of the vegan diet.

As you can see, there is plenty that a vegan diet can do for your health, so consider whether you might want to switch today.

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