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Why keeping fit is more important than your job

Why keeping fit is more important than your job

What are your priorities? If you’re like most people, keeping your job and excelling in your career is somewhere near the top of that list. It helps you provide for yourself and anyone relying on you, and helps you to meet your responsibilities.

That’s why, as far as excuses to skip the gym go, being “too busy with work” might seem like a justifiable one, an answer that few people can argue with. However, we’re here to look at why keeping fit may actually be more important than your job after all.

What are you working towards?

To fully understand why fitness is more important than the job that you have, we have to think about your future. Some people think that without a job, you have no future. However, the job you have now doesn’t have to be the job you will always have. Your career will change, pivot, and even completely transform over the course of your life.

Your work life is inconsistent. The importance of your health is far from it. The lifestyle you’re living now, whether it’s one of fitness and healthy eating or a more sedentary existence, is going to have repercussions for you ten years from now, twenty years from now, and beyond.

You might think that you have “time” to get fit, but the best time to start is always now. Every week you spend without making meaningful changes to your lifestyle will shape what your future looks like.

Health is one of the things money cannot buy

Okay, so money can buy a lot of things, and it’s essential if you want to eat and have a roof over your head. However, you’re not going to be able to enjoy all of that as much if you have no energy, have trouble finding your motivation in life, and are fighting off one of the serious chronic diseases that can be caused by a lack of exercise and poor diet.

Money can pay for gym memberships, personal trainers, and equipment, but it can’t pay for health. Regardless of how much you’re making, it’s important you give your fitness the time and the effort that it deserves.

After all, something that can’t be bought is priceless. It’s more valuable than just about anything that has a price tag on it, from a fancy new pair of shoes to a private jet.

Health is important to your work-life too

If you’re plotting out the time you have in a day, then you might think it makes sense to dedicate more time to work when possible. You want to make more money, you want to learn more skills, you want to advance in your career.

However, if you really want to see the best results at work and the best chances of excelling in your workplace, then you should instead think about adding more time to your fitness regime, instead.

Your health plays a huge role in your ability to stay focused, your confidence, and motivation to work in the first place. Exercise has been shown to increase creative potential. In fact, the effect is so direct that people have been found to be more creative for up to two hours after the workout

Similarly, there has been plenty of research to show how much of an impact exercise can make on your productivity, as well. Many tests have consistently shown that those who work out on a regular basis are generally more productive than those that don’t, and have more energy when they go to work.

So, even if your career is at the top of your priorities, it still makes sense to make more time for exercise. Someone who has the same skill set and dedication as you is likely to succeed more if they also happen to exercise regularly. Don’t miss out on career opportunities because your body isn’t as well-honed as it could be.

Sharpen your mind and your body

The benefits of exercise to your body are innumerable. It can help you manage your weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, reduce the risk of heart attack, fight off the threat of chronic pain, make you more energetic, mobile, and more.

It also has a wide range of effects on your mind, as well. Exercise has been shown to be excellent for your mental health, due to its ability to relieve stress and alleviate the symptoms of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. This is, in part, due to the release of positive neurotransmitters like endorphins. But it’s also suggested that actively contributing to long-term healthy goals increases feelings of self-worth, as well.

Furthermore, exercise has also been known to improve cognitive functions over time. This can include an improvement in motor skill coordination, but also improvements to your memory over time. The brain’s ability to retain information can get better as we exercise, and there are even suggestions in research that it can help alleviate and fight off dementia symptoms.

As such, exercise can help you get further ahead in life than if you simply dedicated all your time to work. Hard work can only get you so far. If you want to reach the highest rungs of the career ladder, you also need to make sure you’re the candidate best suited to the job. In many modern positions, this means that you need a sharp and capable mind.

Align your life with the priorities that matter

We all find the time we need to go to work. It’s only natural that we should be able to find time for exercise, as well. Rethink where you want to be in ten years, considering now just what your career can offer you, but what a healthy lifestyle can offer you, too. Would you be healthy and happy or rich and suffering the effects that a sedentary life can lead to? If your answer is the former, then you should make some time for the gym.

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