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When we started kind life we not only wanted to improve people's health while supporting animal welfare organisations, but also ensure the business had as little impact on the environment as possible. Our ongoing commitment is that we will never put profits above the environment, for every aspect of the business where there is a green alternative we will work to implement them to ensure our ecological footprint remains as low as possible.

The importance of the impact we have on the environment has never been as important as it is now, we are excited to share with you just a few of the projects we have in place or are currently working on:

Solar Power

Our protein powder is manufactured and packaged in a 100% solar powered facility. Utilising this clean energy source has and always will be a priority for our business and we are over the moon that our facility is 'off the grid'.

Recycled Packaging 

Your goodies will be getting sent in recycled packaging. Waste has such a huge impact on the environment and we will always strive to lower our demand for raw materials by purchasing and using recycled and recyclable materials. 

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Sending parcels around Australia involves Planes, Trains & Trucks - all of which have a negative impact on the environment. Because of this we are only using carriers who are committing to offset the carbon emissions generated by each parcel we ship with them.

We Are Not Perfect

As hard as we try we know that we are not perfect. We still have many areas within our business that we know we can be better. At present we are assessing biodegradable packaging and scoops and we hope that one day very soon we can implement these alternatives so we can do without our current pouches and plastic scoops. With 260 million tons of plastic being produced each year it weighs heavily on our conscience and we know that we cannot rest and must continue to do things better. 

Our commitment to the planet and implementing these measures would never have been possible if it were not for YOU our loyal customers. Your continued support means we can continue to make our business better for the benefit of all beings on this earth that we call home.